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Hon Peter Crossing Kitakena Bridge

After 2 days of Intensive visit to the most affected major infrastructure in the District, State Minister for Works Hon Peter Lokeris has promised government intervention to rectify the damages caused by the floods.  This followed the President’s visit on 20th May 2020 who according to the Minister, tasked all the relevant Ministries to make an immediate assessment of the damages caused by the floods that repeatedly occurred on 7th ,10th and 21st May  destructing a lot of property, government infrastructure and leaving over 10,000 people displaced .

Hon Peter Lokeris at Lhubiriha bridge meets with the security and Migration officers at the boarder.

During the brief meeting after the field visit with the Ministry of Works’ technical team led by the Director of Engineering and Engineer in Chief Eng. Samson Bagonza, UNRA technical staff, District technical staff and the Local leaders led by District Chairperson which took place at UNRA Kasese offices on 26th May 2020, the Minister promised Government intervention in 3 phases; 1. The Immediate Intervention which will focus on areas that are life threatening to take about 1-2 weeks, 2nd is the Midterm intervention to take like 3-4 months and long term interventions which will focus on making a detailed assessment and mitigating the problem right from the source.

The Minister also tasked the technical team to act swiftly to mitigate the calamities that are likely to raise out of the Disaster and he appreciated the affected communities for responding first to put temporary solutions to the problems especially the Isango Community in Kitholhu for the tireless effort to put up a temporary foot bridge.

Government response has been observed right from the first day the floods hit Kasese on 7th May 2020 where the minister for Disaster Management Hon. Musa Echweru came to Kasese to see the situation who later on delegated Brigadier General Stephen Oluka to support the District Disaster Management Committee and through him government was able to deliver relief items to the displaced people in the district and right on 20th May 2020, the head of state H.E Yoweri K. Museveni also came to Kasese to assess the situation and held a meeting with the district stakeholders focusing the disaster solutions .

The Minister has been able to reach 13 affected sites including Nyamugasani Bridge in Kiburara , Lhubiriha Bridge connecting Uganda to Congo, Isango Bridge connecting Karambi to Kitholhu Subcounty, Rwentare Bridge in Nyakatonzi, Kilembe Hospital , Kyanzuki Bridge in Bulembia, Kilembe Mines offices and mechanical  Workshop, Water intake plant for kilembe mines in Ibanda –    Nyakalenginjo  where a foot bridge was also swept, Ibanda- Kyanya Bridge where water swept the bridge approach and damaged the bridge abutment , Kitakena Bridge which was constructed after 2013 floods , Maliba- Kyanya road which was destructed by river  Mubuku and Kitakena when the floods merged at  Katindo village and Kyinyayobyo Armco culvert  Bridge in Karusandara .  In addition he made a courtesy visit to 2 camps in Maliba and Karusandara subcounty.

Though the Country is over whelmed with disasters, Kasese District appreciates the Government and development partners at local, national and international level for the tireless efforts to support the District to get through this and there is hope as the government continues to intervene.

Kabugho Sharon

Communication officer


Floods hit Kasese on 7th May 2020  as the 5 major rivers in the district broke their banks causing partial or total destruction of 14 schools, 15 bridges, 2 hydro power facilities, and 3 health facilities, 1632.5 acres of annual and seasonal perennial food and cash crops, 44 fish ponds, livestock, poultry and displacing 1820 households. The rivers in question are Lhubiriha, Mubuku, Nyamwamba, Nyamugasani and SSebwe which traversed 16 Sub counties and 2 divisions.

This followed the subsequent flooding which was registered in May 2013, 8th May 2014, and 6th May 2015 and all the flood disasters have always been characterized by bursting of the river banks.

The floods which repeatedly occurred on 7th and 10th May 2020 displaced 11,621 People and pushed 10,850 People to camps. The district has 33 camps in all the affected sub counties with Men and Women, Youths, over 5000 Children and the elderly.

The government, partners and several members of the community have highly  responded to support the most affected people living in camps.

The office of the Prime Minister represented by the Hon. Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness, All members of the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) including the District Development Partners and Sub county /Municipal officials, all members of the Rapid assessment have showed a very good gesture of the quick response given in order to manage the situation, planning for the affected persons and gather the vital information.

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District PLE 2019 Performance

Kasese District Local Government officially released PLE results on 21st January 2020 at multipurpose hall   after the official release by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) on 17th January 2020.

The district registered 12780 Candidates (5982 males (47%) and 6798 females (53%)) including Kasese Municipality as compared to 12,326 candidates (5768 males (46%) and 6558 females (54%) in 2018.

The main district not including the municipality got 629 (6.1%) candidates in division 1 including 378 Males and 251 females, 5431 (53%) were in Division II including 2712 males and 2719 females, 2150 were in division III including 857 males and 1293 females, 1349 candidates were in Division IV including 551 males and 798 females, 535 candidates came in division U including 213 males and 322 females, 241 candidates were in X including 109 males and 132 females.

There was a remarkable performance improvement in the PLE results for 2019 as compared to 2018, Kasese district emerged the 85th out of 162 districts and the overall performance of girls was better than boys.

Congratulations to all the candidates that have made it to secondary level.

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Current Uploads 2019

Current Uploads on our site are the following;

  1. Approved District Budget 2019/20
  2. Current District Profile/Statistical Abstract
  3. District Performance Agreement 2019/20
  4. Seasonal Rainfall outlook for June-August 2019
  5. National_Population_Housing_Census_2014_Area_Specific_Profiles_Kasese
  6. Ebola Virus Disease Status Report

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IT capacity building opportunity for the youth

10th Nov 2018


 Are offering the following IT capacity building courses for the youth.

  1. Be your own boss free
  2. Get connected      free
  3. Internet of things free
  4. Entrepreneurship free
  5. Cyber security essentials 50000
  6. Network essentials            50000


 Register at the E-Society Resource Centre

Kasese District local Government

Deadline: 30th Nov2018

Mumbere Samuel

IT Officer-Kasese