Planning Unit


Completed household income enhancement and infrastructural projects in the last 4 FYs

FY 2012/2013 (Micro projects-Presidential directive)

No Project /Activity Description Location Funding agency Amount Status and Intervention
1.         Provided SACCO capital to Kasese Municipal Youth Savings & Credit Association Kasese Municipal LRDP 25,000,000 Credit and savings among youth enhanced
2.         Provided SACCO capital to Bukonzo East joint Youth Association Kisinga LRDP 30,000,000 Credit and savings among youth enhanced
3.         Provided SACCO capital to Kasese Better Living Adventist Women District wide LRDP 35,000,000 Credit and savings among women enhanced
4.         Provided SACCO capital to Rwenzuru Veterans Development Association District wide LRDP 25,000,000 Credit and savings among veteran groups enhanced
5.         Installed maize mill with housing for Munkunyu Youth Council Munkunyu LRDP 24,997,000 Installed generating income/capital for Munkunyu Youth Council
6.         Procured Brass band for Kasese SDA Youth department District wide LRDP 35,000,000 Functional, Generating income for SDA Youth department
  Sub-Total     174,997,000  

Key completed projects under LRDP 2012/13

No Project Name Location Funding agency Amount Status and Intervention
1.         Completion of payment for Kamukumbi HC II OPD Isango LRDP 17,252,000 OPD in use. Was completed in 2010/11
2.         Completed payment for grading Muhokya-Kahendero road 2.8km Muhokya LRDP 5,425,000 Road is motorable. Was completed in 2010/11
3.         Completed payment for grading, installation of culverts & murraming Muhokya- Kahendero road Muhokya LRDP 7,697,260 Road is motorable. Was completed in 2010/11
4.         Completed payment for the construction of Katunguru HC VIP latrine L. Katwe LRDP 18,474,501 Toilet in use. Was completed in 2010/11
5.         Completed payment for the construction of a timber deck bridge at Nyakasojo Nyakiyumbu LRDP 4,614,930 Bridge is in use. Was completed in 2010/11
6.         Completion of low cost staff house at Kitswamba I p/s Kitswamba LRDP 12,321,700 Staff house in use. Completed in May 2013. Had been pending completion due to anticipated lack of funds
7.         Completion of payment on drainage works on Kanyemapara Channel Munkunyu LRDP 7,230,353 Had been completed in 2010/11 use. Drainage in use
8.         Completion on payment for construction of 5-stance VIP latrine at Kenyange Moslem p/s Karusandara LRDP 5,223,100 Latrine in use. Completed in 2010/11
9.         Procurement of a generator for medium level Hatchery at kabirizi L. Katwe LRDP 72,829,600 Installed and is in use. Hatching process safe from power outages. Hatchery has high youth employment capacity
10.      Procurement of parent stock chicks for medium level Hatchery at kabirizi L. Katwe LRDP 53,250,000 Supplied. Breeding on-going. Hatchery has high youth employment capacity
11.      Fencing of Kayanja Community Tourism leisure park Nyakiyumbu LRDP 33,370,000 Chain link fence constructed. Leisure park is now secure from wild animals
12.      Provided SACCO capital to Kasese Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Busongora County LRDP 17,000,000 Credit and savings among women groups enhanced
13.      Provided SACCO capital to Mirami Brotherly Savings & Credit Society Karambi LRDP 17,000,000 Credit and savings among men groups enhanced
14.      Provided SACCO capital to Ndughutu Women Savings & Credit Society Bugoye LRDP 5,000,000 Credit and savings among women groups enhanced
15.      Completion of Kalingwe HC II OPD Kisinga LRDP 23,082,235 Completed in June 2012/13. Commissioned
16.      Completion of dormitory at Hamukungu Girls SS L. Katwe LRDP 12,407,048 Completed is in use
17.      Completed OPD at Kigoro HC Rukoki LRDP 12,105,000 Completed in May and is in use
18.      Retention payment for Kiraro HC Kitholhu LRDP 1,466,250 Completed in 2010/11 and in use
19.      Completed staff house at Ntunga p/s Buhuhira LRDP 18,102,000 Completed and in use
20.      Completion of classroom at Buhandiro p/s Mahango LRDP 8,976,924 Completed in April 2013 and in use
21.      Completed payment for construction of a maternity ward and a latrine at Ihandiro HC II Ihandiro LRDP 13,350,000 Completed in 2010/11 and in use
22.      Completed payment for opening and murraming for 1.5km of Kasanga- Mithimusanju road Bwera LRDP 2,470,459 Completed in 2010/11 and in use
23.      Completion of payment for the construction of a low cost staff house and latrine at Kamabwe p/s Maliba LRDP 7,792,620 Staff house in use. Completed in April 2013
24.      Refund to Karambi s/c Karambi LRDP 8,500,000 Funds borrowed to pay Kamukumbi OPD meant for rural electrification covered
25.      Completion of HC at Kabingo Munkunyu LRDP 14,139,713 Completed
26.      District and sub county level monitoring & supervision of LRDP projects District & sub county head quarters LRDP 19,833,613 Enhanced reporting, monitoring and coordination
27.      Retooling internet District Head Quarters LRDP 130,000 Enhanced communication
  Sub-Total     419,044,306  

 Key completed projects 2013/14 under LRDP for income enhancement

No Project Name Location Funding agency Amount Status and Intervention
1.         Support 126 Youth association to strengthen a piggery and maize growing project in Kitsutsu. Munkunyu LRDP 28,000,000 126 youth supported with income generating
2.         Support school youth drop outs and early pregnant mothers affected by ADF war with manual sewing machines Central, Bulembia & Nyamwamba Div. LRDP 14,000,000 Income enhancement for youth affected by ADF war through skill development
3.         Support to Fisheries Lead Farmers to scale up fish production for commercial purposes Karusandara

Kyondo & Maliba

LRDP 28,000,000 Fish at a commercial level provides high returns. Also can be used for demo purposes
4.         Support fisheries lead farmer with fish fray to boost production Karusandara LRDP 12,000,0000 Multiply production of fish at district level to enhance income at household level
5.         Procure a poultry feed mixer for a commercial poultry farmer Kitswamba LRDP 15,000,000 Feed mixers are economical-they allow the farmers to manage poultry since feeds are a constraint
6.         Support to household Income Enhancement Construction of Valley Tanks /Watering points in pastoralist areas Kitswamba & Nyakatonzi LRDP 80,000,000 Pastoralist communities situated in water stressed areas yet with large number of cattle
7.         Support to female headed household income enhancement with coffee hand pulping machines Kilembe

Kitholhu, Kyondo & Bwesumbu

LRDP 72,000,000 Rolled from 2012/13. Income enhancement for coffee producing households
8.         Opening up & grading 8km of Rusese- Kyempara- Isango community Access road Isango LRDP 100,000,000 Rolled from 2012/13. Open up coffee producing areas. Use force on account method using district road unit
9.         Support organized Youth, PWD, women groups with local goats Nyakiyumbu




LRDP 22,500,000 Local goats have a good market. PWD beneficiaries were maimed by land mines from ADF
10.      Train Veteran, Youth, women and PWD groups in local economic opportunity generation and other income generating activities District wide LRDP 31,584,886 Local economic development focused entrepreneurial capacity building for cross section of youth from areas affected most by wars
11.      Support 8 SACCOs to promote savings and credit and enhance capital availability to veteran, youth and women SACCOs Karambi





LRDP 160,000,000 Kasese is mostly a trading area e.g s/cs at the boarder thrive on trade. Karambi, Bwera, Kitswamba, Mahango, Bugoye, Kyabarungira & Bwesumbu
  Sub- Total     671,084,866  


Key completed projects 2014/15 to date under LRDP for income enhancement

No Project Name Location Funding agency No. Of beneficiaries
1.         Design and Construction of Mini Irrigation Scheme Munkunyu LRDP 2500
2.         Support to establishment of medium level poultry hatchery Lake Katwe LRDP 50
3.         Rehabilitation of 3km of Kyempara-Isango road Isango LRDP 4500
4.         construction of maize and coffee storage facilities Kitswamba LRDP 161
5.         construction of maize and coffee storage facilities Nyakiyumbu LRDP 126
6.         Supply of improved breed heifers to pastoralist groups Nyakatonzi and Lake Katwe LRDP 36
7.         Supply of improved piglets and starter feeds to groups Mukunyu LRDP 126
8.         Supply and installation of maize mills Munkunyu, and Kitswamba LRDP 36
9.         Supply and installation of coffee hulling machines to groups Maliba, and Bugoye, Mpondwe-Lhubiriha TC LRDP 36
10.      Supply of manual hand pulping machines to groups Kisinga LRDP 45
11.      Construction of a valley dam in Nyakatonzi S/C-completed Nyakatonzi LRDP 2300
12.      Supply of public address system and brass band equipment to SDA Youth group in Central Division-completed Central Div LRDP 151
13.      Support to commercial Fish Farming with Fish fry and Starter feeds Karusandara LRDP 15

Participating Sub-Counties

Since inception, the programme has covered all the 29 LLGs in the district. These include among others; 23 rural sub counties of Kitholhu, Karambi, Ihandiro, Bwera, Nyakiyumbu, Isango, Nyakatonzi, Munkunyu, Lake Katwe, Kisinga, Kyarumba, Kyondo, Mahango, Muhokya, Rukoki, Karusandara, Kilembe, Bugoye, Maliba, Kitswamba, Buhuhira, Kyabarungira and Bwesumbu, the 3 town councils of Katwe Kabatoro, Mpondwe Lhubiriha and Hima, the 3 divisions of Bulembia, Central and Nyamwamba in Kasese Municipality.

Main activities supported

In the earlier years of the programme, infrastructural projects such as construction of OPDs at health centres, student dormitories at schools, staff houses at primary schools and latrines have been put in place Others included road rehabilitation.

Local Economic Development (LED) household income areas supported under the refocused LRDP program since inception

  • Mini irrigation schemes to provide water for production
  • Poultry hatchery establishment
  • Value addition for maize value chain with milling machines
  • Value addition for coffee value chain with pulping and hulling machines
  • Supply of heifers to pastoralist communities
  • Fish fry production and multiplication
  • Construction of storage facilities for maize & coffee
  • Valley dam construction for pastoralist communities

 Challenges in Implementation of LRDP

  • Inadequate transport to enhance monitoring and supervision of projects
  • Lack of clear policy on public private partnerships limits the participation and engagement of organized private sector players in household income projects. This limits the scale of projects which could have otherwise promoted mini industry development


  • Government should issue clear guidelines and policy on public private partnerships
  • The programme should provide a motor vehicle for the district LRDP team to effectively monitor, document and supervise LRDP projects.