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1.1 Location

Kasese District:                         Western Uganda.

Latitudes:                                  0o 12’S and 0o 26N;

Longitudes:                               29o 42’E and 30o 18’E;

To the North:                             Bundibungyo District

To North East:                           Kabarole District

To the South East:                     Kamwenge,District

To the South:                            Rubirizi District

To the West:                             Democratic Republic of Congo.

1.2 Land Area:

Total surface area:                     3,389.8 Km2,

Dry land:                                   2911.3 square kilometres (86 per cent) and

Open water:                              409.7 square kilometres

Permanent swamp/wetland:        68.8 square kilometres (2 %of the total Land area)

Nature and wildlife conservation: 1834.6 square kilometres (63 per cent of the land area).

Population density:                      183 persons/Km2, (450 persons per square kilometre-land available for farming and settlement)

1.3 Population:

Total district Population:                         702,029

Males:                                      338,796 (48.3% of the total District Population)

Females:                                   363,233 (51.7% of the total District Population)

1.4 Residence:

Rural:                                       529,976 (75.5%)

Urban:                                      172,053 (24.5%)

1.5 Population Type

Households:                              696,417 (99.2% of the total District Population)

Non Household:                         5612 (0.8% of the District Population)

1.6 Average Household size

No. of Household:                      140,697

Average Household Size:           4.9


1.7 Population growth rate

1991-2002:                                3.6 per anum

2002-2014:                                2.45 per anum