CBOs work at parish and sub county level, and may not have the capacity to do the paper, CBOs also belong to the informal sector which is occupied by women. CBOs are agents of change in development work.

S/No Name of NGO/CBO Brief Note About NGO/CBO Intervention in the SDS Areas of Operation
1. Save the Children in Uganda (SCiU) SCiU is an International NGO that works through Local Governments and local NGO partners to implement its activities. KDLG is one of its main partners
  • Support to HIV/AIDS activities
  • Support to children affected by conflict and disasters
  • Social protection
  • Support to Basic education programmes
Maliba s/c
Muhokya s/c
Karambi s/c
Hima T. C.
Bugoye s/c
Bwera s/c
Kisinga s/c
Mahango s/c
Karusandara s/c
L. Katwe s/c
Kitswamba s/c
2. Karambi Action Life for improvement (KALI) KALI is a local NGO  whose main objective is to  create awareness among the community about their potentials,  rights and responsibilities
  • Gender sensitisation


3. Bishop Masereka Medical Centre



BMCF is committed to the principles of accountability, professionalism, honesty, care, respect for every person, trust, non- discrimination and strategic partnerships provision of maternal and child health services and holistic support to orphans and vulnerable children

Download full profile……

Kasese Municipality
3. Young & Powerful Imitative (YAPI) YAPI is a local NGO
  • Gender sensitisation
  • Adolescent Health Services
  • Support to OVC
Katwe Kabatoro Town Council
Kasese Town Council
4. National Organisation of women Living HIV/AIDS (NACWOLHA) NACWOLHA is a local NGO with branches in several districts of Uganda.
  • Social economic support to OVCs & PLAs
5. Women’s Desk of Kasese Diocese
  • Psycho-social Support Programmes
  • Peace building
6 Rwenzori  Research Consultancy  (REROC) REROC is a local NGO whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of the people through sustainable agriculture , improved health, communication & information exchange
  • Psycho-social Support Programmes
  • Youth friendly health services
  • Support to adolescents/youth engaged in IGAs
Lake Katwe
7. Foundation For Rural & Urban Advancement (FURA) FURA is local NGO with its head office in Kasese town
  • Supporting Income Generating Groups (IGAs)
8. Kagando Rural Development Centre (KARUDEC) KARUDEC is a local NGO founded by Church Of Uganda whose main goal is to promote holistic development of the poor in Kasese district
  • Supporting Income Generating Groups (IGAs)
  • Functional Adult Literacy
10 Kasese District Union Of Persons With Disabilities (KADUPEDI) KADUPEDI is a local CBO, which is affiliated to NUDIPU. Its main goal is to enhance advocate for equal opportunities, participation of PWDs in development initiatives
  • Socio-Economic empowerment of PWDs
  • Community Rehabilitation of PWDs
District Wide
11 Kasese District  Youth Focus on AIDS (KADYFA) KADYFA IS a Community Based Organisation operating in Kasese District with specific focus on the youth
  • Care and support to the affected and infected HIV/AIDS persons
  • Supporting OVC
  • Promotion of human rights
District wide
12 Muramba Foundation for rural development (MFRD) Located in Bugoye sub county. It is a community based organisation involved in rights based programming. The Target area of operation in mainly Busongora north county.
  • Water and sanitation promotion, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Environmental protection and agricultural promotion programs.
Bugoye, Maliba, sub counties
13 Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre This is a local NGO which has been registered to support Orphans and abandoned children. It was established in 1980 in Kisinga Sub-county.
  • Supporting and caring for Orphans in an orphanage
  • Currently, the orphanage has 48 children 22 of whom are females and 26 are males.
District wide but the orphanages are located Kyarumba sub-county and Muhokya sub-county.
14 Good Hope Child Care Centre Good Hope Child Care centre is a local CBO which provides support to OVC in various areas. It is located in Kasese Town council, Kamaiba ward.
  • Supporting Orphans and Children with disabilities with education
  • Physiotherapy support to Children with Disabilities
  • Assessment, referral and rehabilitation of CWDs
Clientele is from the whole district, but main office is in Kasese town council
15 Kasese Land mine Survivors This is a CBO registered with the district
  • Support to survivors to of landmines
District wide
16 Kasese District Women With Disabilities -KADIWODI KADIWODI is registered as local not- for profit NGO. It operates in Kasese Town council.
  • Recruiting women with disabilities from different parts of the district and training them in tailoring and marketing skills
Clientele is from the whole district, but main office is in Kasese town council
17 Action For Community Development Uganda (ACODEV-U)

ODEV-U is a local NGO with branches in several districts of Uganda.

Human Rights,
Maternal Health
Domestic Violence
District Wid
18 Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese (UJK)


Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese (UJK) is a non-profit making organization founded in 2013 that brings journalism practitioners together in order to appreciate each other as professionals, community-based, engaged in journalistic information dissemination and other related activities for the well-being of community without political inclination. The organization is legally registered with Kasese Municipal Council under registration Number, NY/CBS/1988/2016/2017 and Kasese District Local Government under registration Number CBO/ 1751 and runs its activities without recourse to discrimination based on religion, race, sex, tribe or other forms that demean human dignity.

Vision: “An independent and impartial press disseminating truthful and valuable information for development.”

Mission: Transforming our society by providing balanced, fair and well researched information”.

Goal:   To promote media excellence”.

In the four short years since its founding, Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese has played a major role to justify its mission and vision. Ruwenzori region and Kasese district in particular has unique challenges relating to imbalances in bio-diversity, climate change, conflict and information access gaps, challenges that we work hard to minimize.

Our gratitude

We thank Kasese District Local Government (KDLG) for having allowed us operate within the district as we work towards achieving our vision and mission.

We thank the Kasese and entire Rwenzori region for giving us a favorable environment of reception to our organizational ideas and dreams since the organization’s inception.

We again thank the Board and the Executive for steering the organization in the direction of development all these years despite some challenges.We further thank members for their willingness in attending bi-monthly meetings. We also thank other organizations that have worked with us in implementation of some projects.By Bikeke Saimon +256774400428 / +256704054829
 19 Youth Partnership Uganda (YPU)  Youth Partnership Uganda (YPU) is a community based organization that was established in 2009 by Youth activists out of desire to protect and promote the basic human rights of marginalized groups people in Kasese District and the Rwenzori region at large especially the Youth, children, Girls, women, elderly and people with disabilities who are commonly deprived of their fundamental human rights.

Youth Partnership Uganda is a nonprofit making organization registered with Kasese District local Government under the community development services department with registration number 122.

The organization head office is located in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council along Bwera Hospital road in Nyabutundu Cell, Mpondwe ward, Plot 5 and our area of scope is Kasese and other neighboring districts.

Youth Partnership Uganda recognized the need of human rights education, support to violence victims, health reforms for sustainable community transformation in the post conflict area especially in Kasese district.


‘Empowering communities for sustainable development’


‘ To transform, the youth, children ,women, PWDs, orphans and other vulnerable groups of people within our communities through empowerment in Health, human rights, eco system management and  entrepreneurship for sustainable development’



  • To promote, support and empower the victims of human rights violation by equipping the community with relevant information that aims at promoting the basic individual rights.
  • Fostering community participation in environmental and eco system management to facilitate environmental sustainability
  • To promote practical knowledge and skills in all fields of human rights and development among the children and youth through trainings on life planning.
  • To provide HIV/AIDS counseling, sensitization among the youth and campaign against the stigmatization of HIV victims and human rights abuses.
  • To promote Household economic reliance, Support WASH activities for health and safe environment for improved livelihoods.
  • To advocate for quality and accessible health services by community members focusing on SRH, maternal and child health, family planning among others in Uganda.


Our thematic areas are:


Human Rights and child protection

Environmental Protection and Awareness

HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health

Water Sanitation & Hygiene programs

Youth In Sports and Mentoring Programme

Our core values


  • Transparency and accountability: Is at the center of our transaction
  • Team work: Is the basic to the achievement to the positive and lasting change
  • Voluntarism: Is at the center of our work and a perquisite for growth and development.
  • Responsibility: For our decision making and action is central to learning for our collective and individual actions.
  • Commitment: To work and relationship is at the core of our diversity and across culture
  • Gender: Sensitivity and equity enables everyone to exercise his or her potentials
P O Box 585 Kasese Uganda

East Africa

Tel: +256782743252 or +256772675637

Email: admin.yofha@gmail.com or Kamberejolly@gmail.com

Web: www.youthpartnershipuganda.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com.youthpartnershipuganda