There are a number of development partners helping the District give services to the communities.  Though we are still weak on capturing in total all the interventions of the development partners, there are some we have some information.  We are grateful as a District for all the support for our development partners.  Below are some of the development partners.


This is a bilateral fund from the Belgian Government. It has been funding the District for the last 5 years up to February 2006 when its programme period ended.  The Belgium Government has offered funds to Kasese District for another 4 years; starting with mid 2008/9. The programme for this phase is called “Kasese District Poverty Reduction programme”


Unicef is operating in the District with programmes covering the whole district like immunisation, BDR etc that Unicef funds.  The focus is on children and women but specific intervention areas are:

  1. Social policy, advocacy and alliances for children
  2. The Right of all children to education
  3. Child survival and development
  4. Children and Aids
  5. Protecting the vulnerable

SNV – The Netherlands Development Organisation:

SNV and Kasese DLG have renewed their MoU for another 3 years with effect from February 2008. SNV focuses on building the capacity of intermediary organisations (Local Governments, NGOs, Government departments and private sector organisations) through the provision of high quality advisory services on a demand-driven and tailor made basis. The aim is to help organisations develop their own capacities to find sustainable solutions to problems of poverty, social exclusion and environmental degradation.

Instead of direct financial support to our partners SNV offers the services of high calibre professional staff from both the developing and developed countries. SNV uses a combination of a technical and transformative approach to Capacity Development. For enhanced governance it promotes horizontal and vertical linking and the strengthening of accountability.

SNV provides organisational strengthening in the four practice areas of;

  1. Responsive and accountable Local Government (RALG),
  2. Market access for the poor (MAP)
  3. Sustainable pro-poor tourism (SPT) and
  4. Institutionalising HIV/AIDS

Over the years, SNV has helped the District to the extent that Kasese is going to participant in the Tallberg Forum in Sweden in June 2006.

CARE International:

CARE International has been active in Uganda since 1979. The programme is organised in four sectors, for ease of management. These are:

  • Social Development – focuses on access to appropriate services regarding HIV and reproductive health.
  • Natural Resource Management – mainly working with people living near protected areas, whose livelihoods are affected by reduced access to natural resources.
  • Economic Rights – improving rural households’ business skills, and their access to markets and savings & loans.
  • Emergency & Rehabilitation – working with people affected by conflict in Northern Uganda.

We implement projects and programmes with civil society partners in all of these sectors to identify and address the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice in Uganda. In support of this we aim to strengthen civil society and support Government to meet its obligations, in order to achieve a substantial increase in the proportion of people in Uganda who meet the minimum conditions of living with dignity.

In Kasese District in particular, Care is currently implementing three initiatives:

  1. Rights, Equity and Protected Areas (REPA) Programme focusing on Queen Elizabeth National Park and adjacent households in Kasese,
  2. Community Resilience and Dialogue (CRD) – HIV AIDS and Economic Empowerment, and
  3. Proscad (Promoting Management (ILM)- Focusing on Lake George fishery in Kasese.

The funder is CARE Denmark for duration of March 2003 – December 2008.

Development Cooperation Ireland:

Their focus has been on effective teaching and learning in the schools of Kasese District

Compassion International:

Compassion International, which is constructing schools and sponsoring needy Primary School Children some Sub-Counties where there are operating from compassion International is a project under the church of Uganda.


Save the Children in Uganda (SCiU) is the consolidation of the three Save the Children organisations, namely Save the children UK, Denmark and Norway.

Vision of Save the Children in Uganda – Save the Children’s vision is for a Uganda where all children are respected, their rights fulfilled and their contributions acknowledged, ensuring a secure and enjoyable childhood that supports their development.

Mission – Save the Children’s mission is to improve the lives and situation of children by promoting the realization of their rights to survival, protection, development and participation.

 Basic Priority areas of Intervention include:

1. Basic Education

2. HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health

3. Social Protection (including Monitoring Child Poverty)

4. Children in Armed Disaster and Conflict (CACD) and Emergency Response

In Western Uganda, Save the Children is implementing the Community Resilience and dialogue (CRD). This is a 5 year USAID funded project implemented by a consortium of NGOs namely; Save the Children in Uganda, Catholic relief Services, AVSI, Care International and International Rescue committee (IRC) which is a lead agency.

CRD is a conflict project targeting conflict-affected Districts of Uganda. It is operational in the following regions: Western Region (Kasese and Bundibugyo) Northern Region (Gulu, Kitgum, Pader, and also in the Karamoja region.

Save the Children in Uganda is currently implementing the psychosocial and HIV/AIDS activities and they are 5 implemented by the two Partner local NGOs in Kasese namely; National Youth Organization for Development (NAYODE) and Rwenzori Research Consultancy (REROC), Young and Powerful (YAPI) and National Organisation of women living with AIDS (NACOLA).

 Tronder Power Company:

This company has finalised the development of an electricity power dam in Bugoye in Kasese. They are providing employment and are helping in providing social services like supporting health centres, water supply and construction of houses for the community.